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Torre UNO

Our new project, Torre Uno, completes the dream of any developer in a big city; occupy with projects of his own, an entire block in the most exclusive sector of the same, in our case, Piantini.

After Las Meninas and DUE, this new project will close a real estate cycle, distinguished by buildings that, although each one has its own stamp and identity, together constitute a harmonious development due to the elegance of its facades, its professional landscaping, its lighting, and above all ... which is the most important, for the ethical and moral quality of its purchasers, which is our main source of pride and satisfaction. As if that were not enough, the block will have a 1,700 m2 park, owned by Torres DUE, for various recreational activities of its owners, but that will serve as protection and visual delight with its gardens and landscaping, for the purchasers of Torre Uno, at the which will be adjacent.

It is precisely through this park (located in what used to be the "Patio de Alfredo") that we have oriented Torre Uno towards the South, so that the views of the social areas of the apartments can take advantage of the feeling of freedom that they will provide this fascinating lung within our congested city.

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