Campagna Ricart & Associates (CRA) is a world-class construction company with decades of experience, dedicated to the design, development, and promotion of construction projects.

Our efforts are specialized within the construction sector, dedicated to the design and delivery of high quality, functional apartment buildings and residences. Established in1996, we’ve excelled at meeting the specific needs of the market focusing on capturing the requirements and the confidence of our clientele.


The properties built by CRA are recognized and listed among the most attractive, finest quality, and best use of the most unique finishing materials in the country.


Our company is involved in many different aspects of engineering. We consult, remodel, design, and construct; housing complexes, residential projects, tourism developments, architectural interiors and structures combining cutting edge technology with state of the art equipment. Or pools of professionals and consultants have amassed the knowledge and skills necessary to satisfy the requirements of the most ambitious designs, present and future.


CRA has distinguished itself in the marketplace by working closely with an established and trusted multidiscipline network of suppliers and qualified contractors whose participation and effort, coupled with their vast experience has guaranteed the success of each new endeavor.


CRA is known for offering products that reflect the personal style and uniqueness of their owners. We have been blessed to communicate a distinctive identity and unmistakable craftsmanship throughout all of our projects. As a result, CRA has become recognized and well respected throughout the industry.


At CRA, we are committed to offer innovative and attractive alternatives and solutions, so that from all engineering perspectives, we continue contributing to the development and sustained growth of construction in the Dominican Republic.